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Who We Are

Sekolah Dasar is an academy that aims to enhance voter education and produce fresh policy entrepreneurs for the betterment of Malaysia. 

Our aim is not just to identify problems and publish papers, but to craft the best strategies in advocating for policy innovations that are needed by the people.

We hope that with our efforts, more of the public become involved with the decisions that shape the system in which we and our future generations live.

How It Started

Sekolah Dasar


The idea of Sekolah Dasar was sparked out of concern for the Malaysian socio-political situation circa 2020. Our founder Farah found it disturbing when certain representatives spent time and energy more on political issues instead of discussing real problems on the ground.

Too often, she found that such politicians would give more attention to matters that would gain them traction to win an election rather than solving systemic issues through the authority and trust accorded to them by the people.


She then conveyed her concerns to her colleague and Sekolah Dasar co-founder Siraaj, meeting and brainstorming ideas in a coffee shop. They concluded that in order to address such a problem, the people themselves would need to push their respective representatives in coming up with solutions that would actually benefit voters. Without such pressure, politicians will continuously be carried away with using superficial justifications - such as racial and religious sentiments - in order to maintain their positions of power. At the same time, Farah and her peers realised that the majority of the public facilitate this irresponsible behaviour by wholly leaving public policy-making to their representatives when it is they themselves who are at stake with every decision made. It is hoped that when voters become more educated, they will be able to evaluate their representatives in a more rational and objective manner.


From here, the group aspired to render voters, especially the youth, to become more literate in policies that implicate them. They must also realise that they have the right to be involved in the process and subsequently promote policies that are beneficial to the public. The group then aimed to not just focus on doing research and publishing papers, but to act on them too. People who engage in such undertakings are referred to as 'policy entrepreneurs'. Taking cue from all of the above, eight co-founders thus proceeded to establish Sekolah Dasar as an academy to produce and promote fresh policy entrepreneurs for the betterment of Malaysia.

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The Founders

Sekolah Dasar


Farah Nabilah

Farah Nabilah had always had a deep interest in promoting social justice. While juggling a career and being a mother of two, she was the President of ASEAN Young Leaders Forum and a former board member of Yayasan Sukarelawan Siswa. As an undergraduate, she was elected as Students’ Representative Council in IIUM. During her degree years she led several humanitarian missions, some in Bangladesh and Cambodia. She was also an active MUN-er where she has won several Best Delegate Awards throughout her participation. These participations and activism have made her the chosen recipient of the Malaysia National Student Figure Award in 2016 from the Ministry of Higher Education, and the 2017 Best Female Award from Commonwealth Educational Media Centre for Asia. Her professional experiences have led her to actively seek a solution to the Gig Workers’ Social Protection issue. Looking at the current socio-political situation, she decided to brave herself to spearhead Sekolah Dasar in cultivating fresh policy entrepreneurs for Malaysia.


Siraj Munir

A law graduate of IIUM, now working as a legal executive officer in a private investment company, while also doing legal advisory services in a law firm. He is also currently a student of Chartered Governance Qualifying Programme (CGQP) under MAICSA. He was attached with the Drafting Law Department during the practical training at the Attorney General Chamber and had been called to the Bar in 2019. He is actively involving in advising multiples politicians and NGO on policy related to the legal implication and enforcement.


Mohammad b. Abdul Hami

I am thrilled and excited for Sekolah Dasar as a new platform to engage with Malaysian youth on policy that matters. With myriad of psycho-socio-politico-economic challenges in the face of Covid-19 pandemic and age of disruption, youth voice is more important than ever to shape and reshape the face of Malaysia’s public policies, now and well into the future. 

Initiated by enthusiastic and dynamic group of youth, there’s certainly hope for a better Malaysia!

" Take charge, chart your own path
& live life to the fullest ! "

Meet Our Team

Miqdam Rashid
BSc (Honors) Financial Mathematics & Certified Data Engineer (Big Data Analytics)
Data Analytics & Apps Development Consultant
“Be the best version of yourself”
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Nurfarhana Ramlee
Bachelor's Degree in Political Science
Content Moderator

“Bloom where you are planted”

Amira Azlan
Interactive Multimedia Design & Inventive Problem Solving
Senior Graphic Designer & Media Communications Consultant

“Creativity takes courage”

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Daniel Iqram
Medical Officer

“Take your talents to the masses”