Sekolah Dasar

An Academy for Aspiring Policy Entrepreneur

What We're All About

“Policy entrepreneurs are

energetic actors who

engage in collaborative efforts in and around government

to promote policy innovations.”


(Mintrom, 2019)


To produce educated youth voters and policy entrepreneurs that will be agents of change

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We need to reshape our young generation on how we view this nation. We have to step up as agent of change and take the lead for betterment of Malaysia.


Sekolah Dasar

Education Platform

To provide a platform for the education of aspiring youths on the country’s political system and the importance of policies in their everyday lives

Youth Empowerment

To become a major platform that trains youths to produce policy entrepreneurs in their areas of interest and to empower at least 80% of youth voters to become well-versed with the country’s political system by 2035

Check & Balance

To encourage youths to evaluate politician policy-making processes


To encourage youths from different backgrounds to become educated voters